Appearances Fantaghirò 2
Fantaghirò 3
Gender Female
Faction Evil/Good
Family Lightning (brother)
Allies Fantaghirò
Actor Lenca Kubálková

Bolt is the sister of Lightning, and the two start out as apprentices of the Dark Witch. She is played by Lenca Kubálková. In the Italian version, her name is Saetta, which means thunderbolt or arrow.

Bolt and Lightning have magical abilities. They can turn into lightning and fly over distances, and can transform into arrows that have perfect aim. The Dark Witch keeps them as her slaves and teaches them the ways of evil, though they ae not outright bad or mean-spirited like their mistress.

In Fantaghirò 2, The Dark Witch sends Bolt into Fantaghirò's kingdom to send them a gift, and whatever she sees appears in a mirror that Lightning wears on his chest. Bolt also finds Fantaghirò's father during his travels in the wild, which gives the Dark Witch an idea for inciting a war against Fantaghirò and Romualdo. Later she and Lightning observe the Dark Witch enact her plans, and feel sorry for Fantaghirò and Romualdo. They eventually gather the courage to betray the Dark Witch outright, poisoning her with her one of her own potions, which enables Fantaghirò to escape the Dark Kingdom with Romualdo, her father, and their friends. After the Dark Witch is defeated by Fantaghirò, Bolt transforms into a magical arrow to let the White Witch destroy the remnant of the dark Witch still existing inside Romualdo's mind.