Appearances Fantaghirò 1
Fantaghirò 2
Fantaghirò 3
Fantaghirò 4
Gender Female
Faction Good
Family The King (father)
Catherine (sister)
Fantaghirò (sister)
Ivaldo (husband)
Romualdo (brother-in-law)
Cataldo (brother-in-law)
Actor Katerina Brozova

Caroline is one of the daughters of The King and the sister of Fantaghiro and Catherine. She is played by Katerina Brozova.

The middle daughter of the three sisters, she is fair-haired and beautiful. Her preoccupation with her looks which makes some (especially Fantaghirò) sometimes accuse her of being shallow, but she is also kind-hearted and loving. She enjoys being feminine and doing things that are "appropriate" for princesses. Accordingly she only likes simple manual labour (eg. sewing) and is the loudest to protest when she's told of a prophecy that only one of the King's daughters will be able to save the kingdom in combat with the champions of Romualdo's kingdom. But although she is afraid, she still wears the armour and goes along until the strain gets too much and Fantaghirò makes fun of her. The sisters manage to reconcile, and Caroline accepts that she will never be as strong or brave as Fantaghirò, and is supportive of Fantaghirò's ways.

Caroline hoped to find a handsome husband who will love her and eventually marries Romualdo's friend Ivaldo and has a son.