Appearances Fantaghirò 1
Fantaghirò 2
Fantaghirò 3
Fantaghirò 4
Gender Female
Faction Good
Family The King (father)
Carolyn (sister)
Fantaghirò (sister)
Cataldo (husband)
Romualdo (brother-in-law)
Ivaldo (brother-in-law)
Actor Ornella Marcucci (Fantaghirò 1)
Barbora Kodetova (Fantaghirò 2, Fantaghirò 3)

Catherine is the eldest daughter of the King, sister of Carolyn and Fantaghirò. She is played by Ornella Marcucci in Fantaghirò 1, and by Barbora Kodetova in Fantaghirò 2 and Fantaghirò 3. In the Italian version her name is Caterina.

Dark-haired Catherine is the most thoughtful, patient and level-headed of the three sisters. Whenever Fantaghirò gets into trouble she tries to see things from her viewpoint and mediate, sometimes acting protectively in front of their father. When Carolyn and Fantaghirò argue, she acts as the peacekeeper.

When the three sisters are told of the prophecy that only one of them can save the kingdom in combat, Catherine is fearful but determined, and is willing to go along with the charade of pretending to be a knight even if she can't fight, because she was to help her father and protect their kingdom. But later she concedes that Fantaghirò is better than she ever will be, and wishes her luck.

Catherine marries Cataldo in Fantaghirò 1 and gives has given birth to a boy by Fantaghirò 3. She has a cameo in Fantaghirò 4, though her face is unseen, when the castle has been shrunk to the size of toys.