Appearances Fantaghirò 2
Gender Male
Faction Evil
Allies Lemon Gobbler
Actor Karel Roden

Goldeye is a minor villain character in Fantaghirò 2. He is played by Karel Roden. He has one eye made of gold, which explains his name.

Merchants and visitors from throughout the land are on the journey to Fantaghirò's castle to attend the wedding between Fantaghirò and Romualdo. Goldeye is the leader of a group of brigands that attack one of the caravans on that journey. He is thwarted in his scheme when the Queen's guards arrive, ready to protect their guests.

Goldeye gets into a fight with one of the members of the Queen's guard, declaring that "no man" has ever defeated him. He is bested by the guard, who quips that even so, Goldeye has still never been defeated by a man. She raises her visor and reveals herself to be Fantaghirò. Fantaghirò shows Goldeye mercy and allows him and his men to leave after confiscating their weapons and stolen goods, though Goldeye is humiliated because he was defeated by a woman.

Later Goldeye encounters Fantaghirò again when she is making the journey to the Dark Kingdom disguised as a boy. She falls into the Lemon Gobbler's lair, and Goldeye immediately recognizes her, though he doesn't tell anyone who she is. He decides to repay the earlier humiliation by suggesting to the Lemon Gobbler that they have some fun by forcing the "boy" to dress as a woman and entertain them. Fantaghirò is forced to dress as a belly dancer, and all who watch her dance are enthralled and disturbed that "he" is more attractive than a "real" woman.

Fantaghirò tries to escape during the dance, but is stopped at the last moment by a trap at the entrance. Goldeye goes to taunt her, saying that he is going to force her to marry him. She later manages to escape.