Queen of the Elves
Appearances Fantaghirò 2
Fantaghirò 3
Gender Female
Faction Good
Allies Forest Elves
Actor Anna Geislerová

The Queen of the Elves is a character in Fantaghirò 2 and Fantaghirò 3, portrayed by Anna Geislerová. The Queen has the form of a young, beautiful woman with orange-red hair, and she wears autumn leaves as a gown.

Fantaghirò 2 Edit

The Forest Elves encounter Romualdo and his company during the latter's journey to the Dark Kingdom. Since Romualdo and his men are carrying weapons, they are brought to the Queen, for she and her Elves despise war and fighting. Romualdo explains that they are fighting for a good cause, but the Queen refuses to listen. She suggests that they undergo three trials in order to prove themselves, but if they fail, they will be executed.

The first trial is to find ten pairs of creatures in the forest and slay them within a certain amount of time. Romualdo declines, because he doesn't believe in killing animals for the sake of a test.

The second trial is to cut down the strongest and oldest tree in the forest within a certain amount of time. Romualdo declines, saying that it must be a trick because the Queen loves all the living creatures in her forest and the tree is her throne.

The third trial is to change the direction of a river. Romualdo and his men start to plan a system of dams, but then various animals start begging him not to, saying that such a thing will destroy their lives and families. Romualdo goes back to the Queen to say that he cannot take her tests. The Queen signals for Romualdo's men to be executed, but Romualdo stays true to his convictions.

The Queen laughs, happy that Romualdo has passed the tests with flying colours. She declares herself to be his friend and ally, and lets the company pass on their way.

Fantaghirò 3 Edit

When Romualdo is turned into stone after falling into a cursed river, Fantaghirò goes to the Queen to help break the spell. The Queen has her Elves pull out the statues that caused the river to be tainted, but that alone can't break the spell. The Queen says that the magic is too powerful, but she can find out who cast the spell in the first place, so that Fantaghirò can search for them. The Queen puts her hands on the frozen Romualdo's face and she is able to read the name: Tarabas.

The Queen warns Fantaghirò that it will be difficult to face Tarabas because is cruel and powerful, but Fantaghirò is determined. The Queen wishes her luck.