Also known as Queen of Darkness
White Queen
Appearances Fantaghirò 3
Fantaghirò 4
Gender Female
Faction Evil
Family Tarabas (son)
Allies Dark Witch
Actor Ursula Andress

Queen Xellesia is a villain in the Fantaghirò series, portrayed by Ursula Andress. She is a powerful evil witch who is a cruel ruler of her underground realm and the mother of Tarabas.  

Xellesia 1

In Fantaghirò 3 she tries her best to keep her son away from love and all things good. Xellesia attempt to kill Fantaghiro but she does not succeed because Tarabas changes to good and ultimately turned against his mother. When she is about to kill the little Esmeralda, he appears and makes sure that all her magical powers are taken. At the end of the movie, Xellesia is killed by her rebellious Gnomes who burn her in a furnace.

In Fantaghirò 4, Xellesia is brought back to life by the Dark Witch. Her character has changed as she wants to do everything to save her son Tarabas from being destroyed by his father, the evil wizard Darken. Together with the Dark Witch, she searches for Darken's domain and finds Tarabas and Fantaghiro there. A reconciliation between mother and son follows, after which Xellesia sacrifices her own life to let Tarabas and the other prisoners of Darken escape.